Dr Waqar ch

Dr. Waqar Chaudhry
Ayurvedic Physician
(Specialist Liver & Infertility)

a ) Diseases Handled:
1. Chronic Infertility (Male or Female)
2. Impotency
3. Selection of Gender of baby
b ) Reports / General Tests Required on First Visit :
1. Semen Analysis Report from any reputed Laboratory
2. CBC & ESR
3. Urine R/E
4. Ultrasound Report
5. Any other relevant Report, if available
6. Prescription of medicines using at present
c ) Infertility Specialist’s Profile:
d ) Infertility Specialist’s Schedule for Various Cities / Countries:
e ) Infertility Specialist’s Schedule for TV Programmes:
f ) Views of Patients Recovered from Infertility:
g ) Views of Patients Recovered from other related Diseases: